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“The real workout starts when you want to stop.”

Ucan  |  SKU: UC00001

Ucan Energy Drink Mix 750gm

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Energy powder is your go-to energy drink mix for that boost of long-lasting energy. With no sugar and no stimulants, it’s easy on the stomach and won’t leave you spiking, crashing or feeling jittery. Just a clean 90 minutes of sustained energy to keep you going through that last mile!

Go Further
Extra energy is just a scoop away with Tropical Orange Energy powder. Train longer and harder than ever before with 90 minutes of crash-free fuel to push you further. Zero sugar or stimulants—nothing between you and your personal best.

No Sugar, No Stimulants
No sugar, no caffeine – nothing thing to slow you down – just clean, natural ingredients designed to help you reach peak performance, reduce muscle fatigue and optimize wellness.

Long-Lasting Energy
When you need energy that takes you all the way to the finish, Tropical Orange Energy drink mix delivers. It’s a dynamite dose of fuel that lasts up to 90 minutes, and is as unstoppable as you are.

Digests Easily
Powerful energy. Gentle on the stomach. Thanks to a slow time-released profile, UCAN Energy Powder goes down smoothly and won’t cause any bloating

More Details

For optimal pre-workout energy, drink one serving of UCAN Tropical Orange Energy pre-workout powder 30-45 minutes before workout.

During longer workouts, drink a serving every 60-90 minutes, or preload with two servings.


LIVSTEADYTM corn starch*, natural flavor, xanthan gum, sodium citrate dihydrate, potassium citrate monohydrate, citric acid, monk fruit extract.

Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, soy, egg, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

*Hydrothermally cooked without chemicals or enzymes

Nutritional Facts


  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Saturated Fat:0g
  • Trans Fat:0g
  • Cholesterol:0mg
  • Sodium:120mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 21g
  • Dietary Fiber:0g
  • Total Sugars:0g
  • Incl. Added Sugars:0g
  • Protein:0g
  • Vitamin D:0mcg
  • Calcium:10mg
  • Iron:0mg
  • Potassium:70mg

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