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Sfuels Primed 2GEN - Watermelon (10 & 5 Packs)

SFuels is now extending on the performance success of PRIMED for upregulated fat-oxidation and lowering RPE in racing and training. 2nd Generation SFuels PRIMED now brings both Caffeine and high-dose acetyl-L Carnitine together, for more effective L-Carnitine muscle-loading, in supporting your strongest finishes yet.

Studies have shown that daily consistent muscle loading of L-Carnitine has resulted in improved (restored) fuel transport, glycogen sparing at lower intensities, plus more efficient use of Glucose and lower lactate production, at higher intensities.


+ How to DOSE: SFuels PRIMED

Retrain Fat-Oxidation Efficiency: Daily Pre-Workout (or within first 30mins) drink - 1 Sachet/Day.

Racing: Boost Fat-Oxidation. Lower RPE, Take 1 Sachet 60minutes prior to race start. Then 2 Sachets within the first 60-90minutes from race start. Re-dose 2 Sachets every 6 hours.

+ How to fuel: Performance Athletes

Key Benefits

– Supports improvement in fat oxidation/ ketogenesis (does: 3mg/kg bodyweight), and time to exhaustion
– Supports training focus and reduces rate of perceived exertion (RPE)( dose: 0.5-1mg/kg bodyweight)
– Improves reaction times

When to use

– Pre high intensity training and/or racing
– During high intensity training, racing and competitions

+ How to fuel: Active Lifestylers

Key Benefits

– Boosts ketogenesis (from MCT fats) and time to exhaustion
– Supports mental performance, mood and executive function
– Improves reaction times

When to use

– Pre-workout
– Pre and during work / meetings or busy days

+ Clean ingredients you can feel good about

What’s included:

– 80mg of caffeine from green tea extract
– Vitamin B3(Niacin), B6, B12
– L-Carnitine and taurine

What’s not:

– Gluten free
– No artificial flavors or colors
– No sugar alcohols
– No sugars


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