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Saltstick Electrolyte Caps PLUS

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SaltStick® Race Ready™ Caps Plus give you 30mg caffeine per capsule to increase energy levels, and extra sodium citrate to soothe the stomach! SaltStick Capsules are crucial to minimizing muscle cramping, heat stress and fatigue due to unbalanced electrolyte blood levels. Saltstick electrolyte caps are the ONLY electrolyte capsule formulated to closely resemble the electrolyte profile lost during activity: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Key Features
• The ONLY electrolyte capsule formulated to closely resemble the electrolyte profile lost during activity: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
• Only 1 capsule per serving. Suggested use: 1 capsule per 20-60 minutes during activity
• Buffered salt composition that helps digestion and absorption
• Sodium citrate soothes the stomach
• Each capsule contains 190 mg sodium, 53 mg potassium, 14 mg calcium, 7 mg magnesium, and 100 IU Vitamin D plus 30 mg caffeine
• Caffeine is a legal ergogenic ingredient that increases alertness and reduces fatigue
• Vegetable-based colour-coded green capsule composition; Bio-available active ingredients. GMP production
• Fully soluble ingredients allows option of easy preparation of a custom caffeinated electrolyte beverage with a pleasantly mild salty taste
• Contains only WHAT YOU NEED. No: herbal, trace, questionable components added. Vegetarian and Gluten free.
• No sweeteners- no high fructose corn syrup, no sweeteners of any kind
• Does not contain any banned substances
• Unique formulation is patent pending; Engineered by a Ph.D. chemist who is also a pro triathlete
• Saltstick® Caps uniquely includes vitamin D that helps the body absorb and utilize calcium.


Supplement Facts:

Container size: 100 capsule
Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Each Capsule Contains:
(as 810 mg sodium citrate)
(as potassium citrate and potassium chloride)
(as calcium citrate and calcium gluconate)
(as magnesium citrate and magnesium gluconate)
Vitamin D3………………………………100IU

Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (Vegetable capsules), L-Leucine, sodium copper chlorophyllin (natural green colour).

Salt Science

What is the science behind SaltStick Caps?

Simple: What is lost in sweat should be replaced by your electrolyte capsules in a quantity and form which your body can absorb. SaltStick Caps have been formulated to provide your body with a balanced electrolyte content in the suggested serving of 1 capsule per 30-60 minutes.

Two SaltStick Caps in an hour equate to 430 mg sodium, 126 mg potassium, 22 mg magnesium, and 44 mg calcium per hour: The ideal ratio to keep you moving.

Why do many athletes need electrolyte supplementation?
Hyponatremia , a medical condition marked by low blood sodium levels, can lead to nausea, fatigue, cramping, vomiting, weakness, sleepiness, and in rare severe cases, even death.

Five electrolytes in particular play a pivotal role in maintaining normal human muscle function: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride. A shortage of any of these electrolytes will affect athletic performance through a range a subtle to serious side effects.

Sweat typically has about 1000 mg sodium/litre, a typical sports drink has 440 mg sodium/litre. If, during the course of training, you ingest nothing but sports drinks (or worse, water), you will become hyponatremic at some point. Many sports drinks also do not address any form of supplementation of the other key electrolytes, potentially causing yet further cramping and muscle issues.

A popular and simple solution to electrolyte shortage due to sweating is supplementation using electrolyte capsules.

Why do I need more than just sodium? Table salt is easy to find and cheap to add to my drink mix…?

While sodium is the predominant electrolyte lost in sweat, a quartet of other electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride) performs crucial roles in muscle contraction, relaxation, and performance.

Loss of these electrolytes over time will impair your muscles to function normally. Table salt only contains sodium chloride. Furthermore, adding too much salt to a drink will make it unpalatable and you will be less likely to actually drink it. A capsule delivers the electrolytes you need without tasting bad.

If I take salt capsules, where will I get my carbohydrates?

A strategy that has worked for countless pros and age groupers is to separate your electrolytes from your energy sources so that you can customize the dose of each group. This means to obtain electrolyte supplementation through capsules alone, and an energy source through solid or gel foods and/or complex carb drinks (e.g. maltodextrin).

A low sodium diet…

Scientific research maintains that the average Western diet is already too high in sodium and would benefit from a reduction in sodium intake. As sodium consumption increases, output in sweat also increases to maintain a healthy level in our body. Your body become acclimatized to this intake, and “needs” more sodium to maintain this level of function. However, athletic performance drives up the loss of sodium through sweat.

If your diet already contains a lot of sodium, you’ll need to maintain a higher level of sodium in your body to keep homeostasis (balance) and your ability to function under athletic stress. This can be accomplished by higher doses of electrolyte supplementation. If your diet is lower in sodium, you will still lose electrolytes through sweat, but you can maintain your appropriate blood electrolyte level with less supplementation.

In many respects, the ideal situation is to live a low-sodium diet and supplement during heavy training and racing as needed. Using SaltStick Caps electrolyte capsules will allow you to do this easily, and to customize your dose based on individual need.


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