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Caffeine Bullet

Caffeine Bullet - 40 Chew Pack

$45.00 $51.00
Flavour: Chocolit Orange (85mg) 40 Pack

Each Caffeine Chew contains 85mg-100mg caffeine (a strong cup of coffee) and kicks faster than energy gels, energy drinks or caffeine pills so you can perform better and train harder for longer.  Grab a Teams sized pack or a great way to bulk buy caffeine bullets.

More Details

Each Mint Caffeine Chew contains 100mg caffeine (a strong cup of coffee) while Chocolit Orange contains 85mgs of caffeine (a nespresso or similar) and kicks faster than energy gels, energy drinks or caffeine pills so you can perform better and train harder for longer.

In Training:
For your more intense training sessions, you can utilise Caffeine Bullets in the same way you would for a short race. They are also great to have as a backup, should you start to tire during your longer sessions. For maximum impact cut down on your caffeine intake for at least four days prior to a big race, to allow caffeine to completely leave your system.

At the Gym:
Whether you are looking to lose weight or trying to gain it, what you need from a pre-workout boost is energy and not empty calories. Caffeine has been shown to increase pain tolerance, alertness and fat burn, enabling you to work out harder for longer. So throw away your energy drink and grab a packet of Caffeine Bullet. Caffeine peaks in the bloodstream at between 45 minutes and an hour and last for 4-6, so take 1-2 Caffeine Bullets half an hour before an intensive workout for maximum results.

On the Go:
Caffeine users maintain a higher dopamine concentration especially in those brain areas linked with ‘attention’, so caffeine not only releases fat into your bloodstream to boost your energy but also helps you maintain focus longer. Each Caffeine Bullet has 100mg caffeine – the same as a strong cup of coffee, but with a faster and more pronounced hit. Grab a Caffeine Bullet whenever you need a little pick me up and don’t want the empty calories contained in energy drinks and endless coffees.


Studies have shown that the optimal caffeine does is 3-6mg caffeine per kg of weight – that’s a lot! So before you race make sure you trial Caffeine Bullet to test your tolerance to caffeine.

Always follow the guidelines on the packet and do not use in conjunction with other caffeine products or exceed 400mg caffeine in one day. It’s a powerful drug, so use it sensibly!

During a Race:
Caffeine peaks in the blood at between 45-60 mins and each dose offers diminishing returns, so the ideal time to take caffeine bullets in races varies.

0-45 minutes: 1-2 bullets 30 minutes before a race. 1 during the race if needed.

45-90 minutes: 1-2 bullets 30 minutes before a race. 1-2 during the race as you start to fatigue.

90 minutes: 0 before race. Distribute your 3-4 bullets across your race at points at which you start to fatigue.

Marathon: 0 before race. 1-2 bullets at mile 16-18 as you start to tire. 1-2 bullets at 20-22 miles to ensure a strong finish

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