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HCH Revive

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Revive spray is equally suitable for use during long duration ultra endurance events as well as just getting through your day at work when the pressure gets you down. Whenever you’re feeling like you’ve hit the wall, Revive can help you get up and get going again. Ideal for athletes, shift workers, busy mothers, long-distance drivers and students under study pressure, Revive helps your system cope with the physical and mental onset of exhaustion. Just a spray or two will provide a natural energy boost and increased mental clarity during times when you need to stay on top of your game. REVIVE is a unique combination of homeopathic medicines designed to help your system cope with the onset of exhaustion. The harder you go and the worse you feel the better it works as Chas Bruce, Gold Medal Winner 24 hr cycling UK, was quoted to say. This natural oral spray kicks in when your energy starts to drain, bringing back focus, concentration and energy levels. Like the other HCH products, Revive is natural, non-addictive, legal for use in sport, drug free and contains no stimulants and will not interact with other supplements or medications. Take alongside our Endurance formula to promote soft tissue recovery during exercise together, they can help you to stay alert and perform at your best.

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How to use NZ Natural Formula’s Revive Spray

Revive spray is often used in combination with HCH ENDURANCE. Where ENDURANCE is taken regularly to promote continual recovery, REVIVE kicks in when the going gets really tough and you need a boost.
Use REVIVE during the last quarter of a match to maintain 100% focus, or in the last stretch of that important race.
REVIVE is useful in other situations where concentration through tiredness becomes a problem. It is good for students or anyone who experiences that heavy, tired feeling in the early afternoon after lunch, during long hours of working or sitting in front of a computer screen
Keep REVIVE in the car to help concentration when driving long distances.

Taking REVIVE:
Take one spray of REVIVE under the tongue when starting to feel mentally or physically drained. A dose may need to be repeated every few minutes for a short time to pull you out of that low.

How do I take your product? What’s the right dosage amount?
A. The 25ml plastic spray pump bottles administer 70cc with each spray directly into your mouth, equal to one dose. The formulas should be used and repeated as directed on the labels.

Q. How do NZ Natural Formulas work?
A. Homeopathic medicine has been practiced worldwide since the days of the ancient Greeks. The Homeopathic remedies used in NZ Natural Formulas work by stimulating the body’s own energy and healing powers. Homeopathic medicine is a dynamic and safe way of dealing with the effects of physical exertion and stress. The active ingredients in each formula are absorbed immediately when sprayed under the tongue which enable the fast action. The remedies combined in each of the NZ Natural Formulas have been carefully chosen according to the symptoms that they are designed to treat.

Q. I’m on medication do I need to worry about side effects?
A. The formulas are non-addictive and, unlike many other substances used to support the body, do not have side effects. They are designed to act on symptoms as they occur, and doses can be repeated without fear of side effects or addiction. The NZ Natural Formulas can be taken with any other medication without interaction and can be taken during pregnancy.

Q. I’m an athlete do your products contain any banned substances?
A. No, the principle nature of Homeopathic Medicine is the energetic use of dilute substances. Therefore they are drug and chemical free. They are designed for acute use, i.e. when the body is displaying symptoms of cramp, fatigue or under stress due to air travel or physical exertion such as racing or training. They are not designed for use as a replacement for an athlete’s usual fluid or food intake during an event.

Q. Can anyone use NZ Natural Formulas?
A. Yes NZ Natural Formulas are safe for people of all ages from Children to Elderly, including women during pregnancy.

Q: How long is the shelf life?
A. The products have a 3 year shelf life from the date of manufacture. We make new batches monthly so the product is always recent. Storing them away from direct sunlight and intense heat while not in use prolongs the shelf life.

Q: How many doses are in a 25ml spray bottle?
A. There are 50 55 sprays in each 25ml bottle of Cramp-Stop, Revive and Endurance. One squirt is enough for a dose. In Anti Jetlag there are approx. 75 80 sprays and 3 Squirts is used as a dose.

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