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**Case Study-Endurance Athlete with Exercise Induced Asthma

Improved health, well-being and sports performance

The world’s first smart breathing trainers are now available to everyone!




More energy daily

Increase your lung capacity, reduce breathing rate and preserve energy

Lower heart rate

Reduced breathing rate lowers your heart rate during physical activity

Better sleep

Relax before bed, fall asleep quicker, and reduce snoring

Better performance

Airofit allows you to push yourself harder, faster, and for longer

Train from home

Airofit is used separately from other activity for only 5-10 minutes daily

Unmatched expertise

Combined knowledge from industry-leading doctors and breath experts

The idea behind Airofit

What’s the first thought that comes to mind after a devastating workout, when you’re completely out of breath? Usually, it’s that you should work out more, get in better shape. That is exactly what we thought.

There might be some truth to it, but unfortunately, that logic is flawed. That’s fighting the symptom instead of addressing the problem at its core. After discovering respiratory training and seeing the incredible results, we decided to make it accessible to every athlete around the globe.

Once we saw the benefits that athletes could gain, we decided to take it to the general public so everyone who has ever run out of breath can now enjoy the everyday benefits of breathing training.

Breathing muscle fatigue is often a limiting factor in sports performance

Respiratory muscle resistance training makes them stronger, faster, more efficient and more fatigue-resistant.

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Improved breathing leads to significant well-being benefits

From increasing your energy levels in daily life to decreased stress levels and improved sleep. Breathing training will help you improve your general well-being and health.

Read about Benefits for General WellBeing

The Science


The Effect of Two Months Training with the AEROFIT-System on Exercise Performance in Healthy, Normal Conditioned People Measured by the Standard Cooper Running Test

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