Nerdbelt Original w/ 4 x 200ml Bottles


Nerdbelt Original by IRONMAN CHAMPION Steve McKenna (Pro Triathlete)

UNISEX, Adjustable strap to fit most nerds, Holds your race bib, Hand wash friendly
Comes with : 

  • 4 x 200ml squeeze lid water bottles
  • BPA-free
  • Leak proof
  • Dishwasher
  • Freezer safe
  • Recyclable


Talk nerdy to me...

 The original nerd belt is your essential companion for staying hydrated, fuelled and comfortable during running training sessions, races, or endurance-based activities. Ideal for Ironmans, Ironman 70.3, half marathons, full marathons and trail runs. 


Experience zero bounce, regardless of your pace. The nerd belt is a lightweight hydration and fuel running belt with adjustable straps to fit all nerds, and it conveniently holds a race bib number, eliminating the need for safety pins on race day.


Why should you wear a hydration and fuel running belt?


Hydration and fuel running belts offer a hands-free way to carry fluids and nutrition during any form of endurance training or racing for faster performance and recovery. 


It's essential for athletes engaged in endurance-based sports, but its benefits extend beyond the athletic realm. Anyone prioritising proper hydration and fuelling during extended training sessions and races can expect performance improvements and faster recovery.


nerd belt was founded by professional triathlete and Ironman champion Steve McKenna (aka the Lizard) who designed the belt based on his own personal experience and expertise in hydration and fuelling strategies. Through his own thorough testing, he has identified performance enhancements after prioritising proper hydration and fueling. Steve says “It’s without a doubt an advantage having a race belt that holds extra fuel and fluid and not just a race number”. 


Oh, when wearing your nerd belt, you'll look absolutely ridiculous...we love it.

What can you hold in your nerd belt front pouch?

  • 2 x 200ml hydration water bottles, comfortably fitted into a pocket on each side of the belt.
  • Up to 6 x energy gels and keys or, an iPhone with keys and up to 4 x energy gels at a time.

With plenty of space in your nerd belt front pouch you can conveniently store all your hydration and fuelling essentials for any endurance activity, whether it's an Ironman, marathon, or trail run.

During a race nerd-triathletes will opt to pack 2 x energy gels, 2 x electrolyte fizzers (one mixed in a nerd bottle), and any additional fuel needs (eg. energy bars).


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