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“The real workout starts when you want to stop.”

Caffeine Bullet Display Box - 20 Packs


Buying for the team?  Or stocking up - Boxlot or 1/2 Box Deal. Each Mint Caffeine Chew contains 100mg caffeine (a strong expresso) , while each Chocolit Orange Caffeine Chew contains 85mg Caffeine (a strong coffee).  Both versions have a faster kick than energy gels, energy drinks or caffeine pills so you can perform better and train harder for longer.

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Studies have shown that the optimal caffeine does is 3-6mg caffeine per kg of weight – that’s a lot! So before you race make sure you trial Caffeine Bullet to test your tolerance to caffeine.

Always follow the guidelines on the packet and do not use in conjunction with other caffeine products or exceed 400mg caffeine in one day. It’s a powerful drug, so use it sensibly!

During a Race: Caffeine peaks in the blood at between 45-60 mins and each dose offers diminishing returns, so the ideal time to take caffeine bullets in races varies.

0-45 minutes: 1-2 bullets 30 minutes before a race. 1 during the race if needed.

45-90 minutes: 1-2 bullets 30 minutes before a race. 1-2 during the race as you start to fatigue.

90 minutes: 0 before race. Distribute your 3-4 bullets across your race at points at which you start to fatigue.

Marathon: 0 before race. 1-2 bullets at mile 16-18 as you start to tire. 1-2 bullets at 20-22 miles to ensure a strong finish

Chocolit Orange contains 85mg Caffeine

Mintense Contains 100mg Caffeine

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