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 Fixx Nutrition offer a range of all-natural, functional nutrition solutions, all are made in our own Burleigh Heads based manufacturing facility in Queensland, Australia.
We’re driven by an obsession to innovate and offer our customers highly effective products that help improve their lives.

Founded in 2017, we focus on innovation offering customers highly effective products that will help improve their lives.

All products are developed and manufactured in their Burleigh Heads based HACCP accredited production site in Queensland.

CrampFix is our signature product which offers very fast relief from muscle cramps. Originally developed for professional rugby players, CrampFix is sold in 1000+ retailers in Australia and is exported to 15 countries.

The sports range is used by many professional teams including the Wallabies, UK Cricket & Football and the Springboks. The range also includes a product for rapid relief of non-exercise related muscle cramps.

In November 2020, we broadened our product range with the development and launch of a sports fuel range for endurance athletes.

Fixx Nutrition was recently appointed as Official Sports Nutrition Partner for the iconic Gold Coast Marathon from 2022.


Keeping well fueled throughout a long run can be tricky for some athletes which can lead to various problems such as dehydration, gut distress, or one of the worst, cramping muscles. These issues are the last things you should have to think about during training or on race day.

Fixx Nutrition has developed a range of products to take the trickiness away and allow runners to fuel on the go. Crampfix®, a rapid muscle cramp relief product is made in portable easy to carry sachets so they are easily accessible when a cramp strikes.

The Cold Brew Espresso Shots are perfect to take at the start line for a quick energy boost and Fuel X, an ALL-IN-ONE gut friendly Endurance Fuel is designed to be sipped on to keep you going all day long!

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