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Caffeine Bullet was founded by David Hellard, a marathon and ultra-running champion. He always relied on caffeine when he raced, but often found that at the point he needed a boost, either his stomach was already in trouble or he just didn’t want an entire energy gel just for the small amount of caffeine it contained.

Initially, his solution was to cut up Pro Plus tabs, but racing across the Sahara desert he reached for a tab and out popped the caffeine into the sand. Scrambling around on his knees he wondered why there wasn’t a convenient way of taking strong caffeine during exercise.

Further research revealed that chewing sped up the absorption process, so he reached out to a food scientist who’d worked on caffeine sweets previously and multiple taste tests later Caffeine Bullet was born. A faster way to be back to your best giving you not only more precision with your race fuelling strategy but also a convenient alternative to the high calories of energy drinks and coffees – perfect pre-gym, mid-race or post-heavy night out!


Fat Mobilisation:
Caffeine releases fat into the bloodstream, mobilising fat stores and delaying muscle glycogen depletion. Caffeine allows athletes to train harder, longer and faster before becoming fatigued – allowing you to get a new personal best, gain extra places in a race or those last few reps in the gym.

Reduced Perception of Effort and Pain:
Caffeine affects the central nervous system, influencing the dopaminergic and other neurotransmitter systems, decreasing the symptoms of fatigue. A reduction in skeletal muscle pain and force sensation also lowers the perception of effort making it easier to train hard and go beyond your mental limits.

Improved Focus and Concentration:
Caffeine users maintain a higher dopamine concentration, especially in those brain areas linked with ‘attention’. Through this neurochemical interaction, caffeine improves sustained concentration and focus. Not only great for the office, but mental fatigue also plays a vital role in performance in endurance events.



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